Upload your Outlook Email to Google Apps in 10 Simple Steps

Are you switching your email into the Google Apps for Business Gmail solution?  If so, you might want to move your existing emails out of Outlook and into the Gmail solution so that you don’t lose all your history.  Thankfully, Google provides a tool to help with just that problem for Windows users.

Follow these steps to upload your existing email from Outlook to Google Apps Gmail:

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Setting up Your Email Account in Thunderbird

  1. Tools | Account Settings


  1. Account Actions | Add Mail Account

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How to Synchronize your IMAP Folders within Thunderbird

  1. Right click on the inbox on the left and select “Subscribe”
  1. Click on the INBOX and select the checkbox


  1. Click Subscribe

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Replying to Emails Above the Previous Message with RoundCube

When you click reply, are you seeing the cursor jump to the bottom of the message?  Would you rather it start above the message you are replying to?  If so, do the following:

  1. Log into your email account at: mail.{your-domain}.com
    (Replace {your-domain} with your actual domain name, e.g. mail.bellwebworks.com)
  2. Select “Round mail”
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